#HerPurposeIsHere – Samantha Lee

#HerPurposeIsHere – Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee recalls watching the news
about a triathlon event when she was a kid and made a mental note to herself
that she will try it one day. That day came in 2012 when she took part in her
first sprint triathlon.

Going into triathlons is only natural for
the 31-year-old banker, who learnt how to cycle at the age of four. Growing up
in a family of runners and cyclists, Her parents taught her how to cycle and
she used to ride to school.

At her first sprint triathlon, she was thrilled to survive the swim as swimming is her weaker discipline. Despite suffering a slipped disc a few years back – and experiencing back aches that affected her training and motivation – Samantha soldiered on.

She has gone on to collect more feathers in
cap and her best achievement was clinching 2nd runner-up in her age group at Ironman
Malaysia 2016.

Earlier this year, she also completed an
amazing feat – a 5,000km solo ride around Malaysia (from Peninsular to East
Malaysia) in 34 days. This took her completely out of her comfort zone and
pushed her beyond her limits, with 12-hour rides everyday, rain or shine.

The purpose of this ride was to raise funds
for the Hope Mission Children’s
Welfare home, an orphanage near her home in Teluk Intan. Her goal is to raise
RM 50,000 and she has raised 62% of it so far. She hopes to empower people to
dream big and inspire women to go on and achieve great heights in spite of challenges.

Kitted up in PURPOSE for this epic ride,
Samantha loves how comfortable PURPOSE products are and how it suits the
tropical climate well. “I love being a part of the PURPOSE family and I like
how the brand is always striving for improvement.”

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