Collector’s Edition cycling jersey by Dato’ Khairul Anwar Salleh

Collector’s Edition cycling jersey by Dato’ Khairul Anwar Salleh

Dato’ Khairul Anwar Salleh is a lot of things, including an “accidental and reluctant corporate leader”.

He started as an actor before becoming a producer and director. He created shows and then went into management and is now the Chief Executive Officer of Media Prima TV Network. Now, he is also an artist and a triathlete.

When Dato’ Khairul first started cycling, he met a friend who completed a half-Ironman and was so intrigued by how he managed to do it, that he had to do it himself.

Wanting to marry his passions in cycling and fashion, he had a dream of seeing his art on someone’s body.

“I don’t believe in planning,” he said. “Look at my painting – it’s not structured, it’s free flow. Think of the word ‘gelora’ which means either emotion or a situation that is very uncertain. Or ‘bergelora’. I guess that’s my vocabulary.

“I use strokes to illustrate this concept and then came the idea that I would like to see some of my art pieces produced on canvas appear on someone’s body.”

Fulfilling his wish, PURPOSE has collaborated with Dato’ Khairul to produce a limited edition run of a collector’s edition cycling jersey with one of his paintings.

You can purchase it here; only 54 pieces available.

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