It’s sweaty all around in Southeast Asia, and ask any runner what irks them the most about this climate, and they’ll tell you it’s the humidity. Another thing that bothers runners when running in the heat and humidity is the compound effect of sweat on their running clothes.

It’s already sweaty between 3 to 5km and becomes even more so when running distances of 10km and above. When training for a marathon, distances pile up, and so too does the problem of the compound effect of sweat. Running clothes don’t dry fast enough, becoming more sweaty, uncomfortable, and heavy the further one runs.

Over long distances, sweat weighs down clothes and gets heavier the more the running mileage is covered. Sweat-wicking clothes do their job, but call it what it is – sweat-wicking, not sweat drying.

With PURPOSE Hypermesh PRO and ELITE, runners will no longer have to worry about the compound effect of sweat on their running clothes. PURPOSE Running kits stay light no matter how drenched in sweat a runner is. The secret is in the way the Hypermesh PRO and ELITE fabric wicks sweat but does not absorb it. No absorption means no added weight, even over long distances and time. Another advantage of PURPOSE Hypermesh is also in regulating body temperature and moisture transmission, keeping the user cool while running–which is what sweat is supposed to do. Help keep body temperature in check.

Without absorbing sweat more than it can hold, means PURPOSE Hypermesh PRO and ELITE dry fast. As fast as 3 minutes, especially when outdoors. Faster drying equals less smell and bacteria build-up. One of the lightest weights in its category, try the PURPOSE Running with Hypermesh PRO or ELITE for your next run session.

Sturdy and paperlike, the Hypermesh PRO is best for track and interval sessions, while the Hypermesh ELITE is super-stretchy and best for long, ultra, and trail runs.

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