It’s hard when you’re on the bigger side. Society judges, people judges; stereotypes are quick to be placed on you. But Kelly Pereira was not going to let any of this negativity stop her from pursuing her passion in triathlons. Her goal is to complete an Ironman 70.3 once the races are back and not even her diabetes or gastroparesis will hamper her efforts.

She learnt about triathlons in her 20s, over a decade ago, but never found the courage nor confidence to get into it until now. The more people think she cannot do it, the more determined she is to prove that she can. Recalling her sprint triathlon experience, she enjoyed every single moment she was in the race. It wasn’t about the result; it was about the process and the journey.

Listen to the latest episode of The PURPOSE Podcast with Kelly Pereira – out on Spotify here.

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