This man needs no introduction. We watched him break the 100 Miles Treadmill Run World Record during a time where most, or all, of us were confined within the walls of our homes. In that same session, he also broke the world record for the furthest distance in 12 hours on the treadmill. Prior to this, he already held the world record for 100 Miles and 12 Hours on the track.

This man is Zach Bitter, whom we just launched a running collection with – complete with his signature on the singlets, tshirt and shorts.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Zach’s wife Nicole is also an accomplished endurance runner. In this special episode of The PURPOSE Podcast, Zach talks about what went through his mind during the world record runs, how life has changed after earning world records, how the couple dynamics between them work, and more.

Listen and get to know Zach better on a personal level! Out on Spotify now.

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