Kevin Plank built Under Armour into a $4 billion behemoth. He’s just spent almost $1 billion to get into an entirely new business. Can this decade’s most unlikely tech startup beat Nike?

Source: Kevin Plank Is Betting Almost $1 Billion That Under Armour Can Beat Nike |

“This decade most unlikely tech startup” that article opened. A story about Under Armour and how it grew from being makers of sweat-wicking undergarments in 1995 to being the world’s number 2 brand behind Nike, beating even Adidas.

This hit home to me. It made me ask “why not Purpose?”. This article answer some of the questions I’ve been asked, why apparel why not tech. It help explain the question I would answer back with – why can’t tech be apparel?

In this age of convergence, it’s really just around the corner if not here already. Let me know what you think.

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