• American extreme endurance runner Zach Bitter set two new world records – one for the the 100 Miles Treadmill (12:09:15) and the other for the 12 Hour Treadmill (98.64 miles).
  • Zach wore the PURPOSE Elite Racing running top and shorts for the entire duration of the world record attempt.
  • PURPOSE products use HYPERMESHTM, a proprietary innovation that enables athletes to regulate their core body temperature better.

SINGAPORE, MAY 2020 – American extreme endurance runner Zach Bitter added two more world record achievements to his name – on 16 May 2020, he broke the 100 Miles (160km) Treadmill World Record with a time of 12 hours 9 minutes and 5 seconds (over 20 minutes faster than the previous record) and also the 12 Hours Treadmill World Record with a distance of 98.64 miles (158.7 km). This entire feat was streamed ‘live’ on Zach Bitter’s YouTube Channel with more than 25,000 people all over the world tuned in. 132 virtual runners also ran with Zach through Zoom.

Zach also currently holds the 100 Miles Run (160 km) World Record with a time of 11 hours 19 minutes 13 seconds and the World Record for Distance Run in 12-Hours with 104.88 miles (168.8 km) – a record he has set three times.

He said, “I feel pretty good about this achievement, all things considered. I made a few mistakes early with hydration, but fortunately was able to catch back up. I went through quite a bit more fluids than I anticipated. Other than that, I felt pretty smooth physically most of the day. It was a lot of fun to have all the guest speakers and hosts come on to join the livestream. I think it gave people a lot of entertainment.”

Throughout the 12 hours 9 minutes and 5 seconds, Zach wore the PURPOSE Elite Racing running top and shorts. “I wore the same kit the entire day; PURPOSE Performance Wear makes it easy to do so. The singlet I had on is light and feels soft, so I hardly know it is there. The shorts are also light and don’t catch on my legs while running, and I love to be able to use my own liner and not feel like there is something bulky pulled over it,” Zach added.

PURPOSE products use HYPERMESHTM, a proprietary innovation that enables athletes to regulate their core body temperature better. Lightweight, breathable and quick-drying, future PURPOSE running collections – to be co-developed with Zach carrying his brand name – will implement the same fabric technology. 

Founder of PURPOSE, Noor Aziz, said, “I’m ecstatic over Zach’s treadmill world record and that he wore the same PURPOSE top and shorts for the entire duration. We wanted to use this as an opportunity to test the running kits out over ultra-endurance distance and it certainly passed the test”!”

From Singapore, PURPOSE is a fast-growing brand in Southeast Asia. With achievements in triathlon and cycling apparel – the trisuit worn by current Ironman World Championship Age Group World Record Holder Dr Dan Plews, as well as Team Australia II’s cycling team who were runners-up at Race Across America – PURPOSE aims to bring similar successes into running with Zach.


The PURPOSE Running series is made with HYPERMESHTM PRO and HYPERMESHTM ELT, a proprietary innovation by PURPOSE. Made with a combination of lightweight, high air flow-through fabrics made from different polymer, elastane and nylon weaves to provide the best heat dissipation and temperature regulating capability.

PURPOSE is a specialist in premium, technical, high quality performance wear developed and made to cope with the heat and humidity of the tropical region. Starting out with a focus on triathlon and cycling, PURPOSE now expands its product range to include running.

Launched in January this year, the PURPOSE Running kits are twice as light compared to its competitors from Europe or Australia in the same category. Light and cooling for humid and dry heat, this is something that many international products fail to address here in this weather.

In line with the product design thinking that drives every PURPOSE’s trisuit and cycling jersey, PURPOSE running tops are known to be the lightest, most breathable, fastest drying running top one will ever wear. This is backed with results from indoor treadmill and outdoor open field running tests proving that the top does not weigh down or become heavy even when drenched in sweat.

The PURPOSE Running collection can be found at https://purpose.asia/collections/purpose-running-series

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