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After two years, PURPOSE makes a return to the Fellowship at the 2022 Ironman 70.3 Desaru Coast

Jul 27, 2022 PURPOSE

It has been 2 years since the Ironman 70.3 Desaru Coast event was scheduled to take place, and many had hoped that the race would finally happen this year. Although indeed, the turnout was lesser than the total number registered to compete, the event was nonetheless a success for PURPOSE. With many participants and racers wearing our kits, this is perhaps a sign of how the brand has remained strong on everyone’s mind even through the pandemic.

How Tendonitis 3-weeks Before a Comeback Doesn’t Stop Him From a Top 5 Finish. 10 Questions with Arjun Kandikuppa

Jun 01, 2022 Noor

Tendonitis 3 weeks before and food poisoning the night before a big race is usually enough to put someone off. But not for Arjun, completing every triathlete in Southeast Asia’s comeback race with a strong 4th in category and 11th overall. With strong performance improvements year-on-year since 2018, the year he got introduced to PURPOSE, Arjun’s been wearing PURPOSE ever since. How much of those improvements are attributed to his tenacity and vision to be a better athlete and PURPOSE? We’ll never know. What we know is, that we are extremely glad to come along on his journey.

10 Questions with Philipp Kloeber, Plant-based Athlete

May 27, 2022 Noor

Another athlete who swears by PURPOSE, Philipp only started triathlon less than 5 years ago. A pure vegan, Philipp chose a plant-based lifestyle because of environmental, health and ethical reasons. Although he is aware that he is fighting a daily uphill battle, he hopes his plant-based lifestyle can inspire others to adopt the same for the health of our planet and oceans.

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