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Why Purpose | BESPOKE For Your Team
We are the only triathlon and cycling brand to originate from Southeast Asia. Designed, developed and tested where you live, train and race. Born in Singapore, we understand what's it like to be out in hot, humid conditions.

That's why every Purpose is made to be comfortable for our kind of weather.
What Makes Purpose Unique
We're the only triathlon and cycling brand made for Southeast Asia. No other brands do this. Whilst we acknowledge that you may know of other more global brands, none can say that their fabric, materials and construction are specially chosen and developed for where you train and race daily.
The Proof
Elites and top age-groupers who have chosen Purpose never turn back. Our kits are won to race-winning performances at Ironman, 70.3 and standard distance triathlon races around the region.

In the two short years that we've launched, Purpose has featured on the podiums at Ironman 70.3 APAC, 70.3 World Championships and Ironman Kona.

Purpose is the winning tri suit of Ironman Kona overall age-group champion and new fastest course record holder Dr. Dan Plews in 8 hours 25 mins. 

These are testaments to the quality of every Purpose.

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