From Singapore, World Championship winning kits for triathlon, cycling and running. The most comfortable JERSEYs you will ever wear.

The Beginning

Heat and humidity can be detrimental to one’s race performance, affecting your form severely. It was through his own struggles with heat in triathlon races that set Noor Ashikin Aziz on this mission – to develop the most comfortable and cooling performance wear for triathlon, cycling and running.

Noor searched fervently for something that would help to keep him cooler and when he couldn’t find anything, that’s was when he decided to develop his own line of kits specifically tailored for the specific state of use in Southeast Asia.

This was how PURPOSE was born.

Taking a leap of faith, Noor resigned from his role as Executive Creative Director – where he managed a regional team of 75 staff members – in an advertising agency so he could focus on building PURPOSE with a vision of taking this Singaporean brand to the global stage.

With 25 years of experience in the creative field and zero knowledge in product development, Noor boldly put in all his savings to start something entirely new. Despite having to live on a shoestring, he was determined to build his dream against all odds; no matter how many curveballs life threw at him.

In October 2015, Noor met with an accident and shattered his right elbow, but he still powered through from his hospital bed as it was two months away from releasing the first batch of cycling jerseys for market testing.

PURPOSE was essentially a one-man show – Noor constructed the website, strategised the brand direction, executed the marketing and built the community while still recovering with his right arm in a sling.

After a year of testing and development, the first PURPOSE collection was launched in 2017 with the motto ‘The Most Comfortable Jerseys You Will Ever Wear’. To add, Noor designed and developed the products with the individual in mind – so all PURPOSE products are unisex, except for seasonal women collections.

That same year however, PURPOSE hit a wall when Noor’s savings ran out. Giving up on his dream was not an option, so he went to get a job so he could continue to fund the business.

For two years, Noor worked 18-hour days – in the day he worked at PayPal as the Head of User Experience and at night he worked on PURPOSE after training. It was only in July 2019 that he finally managed to stabilise the business and leave PayPal so he could focus his full attention on PURPOSE.

Starting with Singapore, the customer base has grown to include the rest of Southeast Asia, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. The breakthrough for the brand came in 2019 when Dr Dan Plews was searching for a trisuit to cope with the heat at the Ironman World Championship in Kona. Dr Plews found PURPOSE and wore our trisuit for the race, which he won as overall fastest age-group athlete and secured the age group world record at the same time. PURPOSE and Dr Plews then collaborated on creating a PURPOSE x Endure IQ x SFuels trisuit and cycling top. It quickly became the brand’s best-selling trisuit.

In the region, PURPOSE has become a popular choice for triathlon and cycling clubs – companies like Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Facebook, and others have their trisuits all custom-made by PURPOSE.

The Muslimah range by PURPOSE – which includes a sports hijab and full-length trisuits – is also another key highlight of the brand. This collection has encouraged more Muslim women to participate in the sport with ease and convenience. Previously they had to layer themselves with different pieces just to race!

At a higher performance level, PURPOSE became the official race wear partner for Triathlon Singapore and Malaysia Triathlon, supporting national multisport athletes in major competitions such as the Southeast Asian Games.

Ultimately, the vision for PURPOSE is to become a global performance wear brand, proudly hailing from Southeast Asia.


OCT 2015The idea to create a cycling jersey specifically for Southeast Asian weather was incubated

NOV 2015The name ‘PURPOSE’ was formed

JAN 2016First batch of cycling jerseys were produced and released to the market

NOV 2016First trsuit prototype was tested at Ironman Malaysia

Mar 2017 Second batch of cycling jerseys were produced along with the first batch of tri suits

Apr 2017 PURPOSE officially launched in Singapore

may 2017 Officially launched in Malaysia

jun 2017 Team Australia II wore PURPOSE cycling kits for Race Across America, 2nd in the 4-man team

apr 2018First custom trisuit was made for local triathlon club Terai Melayu

sep 2018Ironman 70.3 World Championship with more than 10 triathletes wearing PURPOSE

oct 2018Ironman World Championship and fastest course-record by Dr Dan Plews won the, wearing PURPOSE

nov 2018First community event held in the lead-up to Ironman Malaysia, 100 people turned up

dec 2018PURPOSE Fellowship program started

apr 2019First full-timer was hired, become co-founder

May 2019Ironman 70.3 Vietnam presence with a soft launch during the  race week.

Aug 2019Started athlete-in-residence program

Sep 2019Appointed official race wear partner for Triathlon Singapore and Malaysia Triathlon

Nov 2019Soft launch in Indonesia

jan 2020PURPOSE Running launched led by the PURPOSE PRO Performance running series

Mar 2020SFuels Endure IQ PURPOSE ambassador racing team announced

HYPERMESH™ Fabric Technology


At the top, are the PRO Series. Trisuits, cycling jerseys and running kits constructed with a mix of polyamide and elastane mesh. This makes the threads and weaves strong and sturdy, yet lightweight enough to be comfortable in Southeast Asian weather.

Made of fabric and materials sourced from Korea and Europe, the PRO trisuits are built of 79% Polyamide/21% Elastane with a weave pattern. This gives the trisuit the highest air-flowthrough in any tri suit ever, adding the advantage of regulating the core temperature in extreme heat.

The PRO cycling jerseys come with top-of-the-line skinsuit fabric that is 85% polyamide and 25% spandex. This weave is preferred by professional teams and riders at their top-level competitions. Higher in spandex, it makes the jersey a skin-like fabric that conforms to the contours of the rider’s body.

This fabric is chosen for its comfort in Southeast Asian weather, being twice as light compared to its competitors from Europe or Australia in the same category. The fabric lightness is augmented with its weaved-in mesh bubbles throughout the entire fabric swatch, making the top extremely breathable and airy.


Pronounced as ELITE, the HYPERMESH™ ELT is constructed of multiple types technical fabric with 80% polyamide/20% elastane on the main body and 86% polyester/14% spandex over the shoulder, arms and side panels, the  HYPERMESH™ ELT range is made with multiple mesh fabric in one trisuit or cycling jersey.

This is a unique innovation for a trisuit and cycling jersey – the idea behind this type of construction is to make the lightest jersey, with the best race-fit possible without losing any strength whilst retaining comfort.


The TEAM is forms the basic series is the entire PURPOSE line. Made with thicker grade weave of polyamide and spandex, the HYPERMESH™ TEAM range is developed specially for beginner to intermediate and club level athletes. Good for training use and in their first few races.

The PURPOSE Fellowship

This is our community, where all of us like-minded people come together for the same purpose. The first ever PURPOSE Fellowship (PF) event – called PF3K – was held in December 2018, where we cycled Hulu Langat, covering 3,000 metres of elevation over three days.

Since then we have been holding regular PF events, mainly in Malaysia, led by SEA Games athlete Ziq Junaidy. In 2020, we organised a six-week PFBRICK training programme to help participants train for the Powerman Malaysia duathlon.

Community and National INvolvement

As we build the first global sportswear and performance apparel brand from Singapore, it is only fitting that we form meaningful partnerships, such as the ones we have with Triathlon Singapore and Malaysia Triathlon.

Through these national governing bodies, we are able to support national athletes at high levels of competition. This is part of our commitment to contribute to building an ecosystem that is integral for both the business and the community.

At the grassroots level, we also support school initiatives, such as the Singapore Management University Aquathlon, and local club activities like the ROCKtri Ladies Aquathlon. We are also proud to be the popular choice for custom trisuits amongst the triathlon and cycling clubs in the region.

Only the start

Awinner from the get-go yet this is only the start. In June 2017, our year of inception, Team Australia II wore our cycling kits for Race Across America and came in 2nd in the 4-man team.

In October 2018, Dr Dan Plews wore our trisuit and was the fastest overall age group athlete the Ironman World Championship, as well as the new age group world record holder.

Many age group wins and world championship qualifications at the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 levels have also been secured in our kits. We look forward to more achievements, with you. Together. United in Purpose.