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The PURPOSE Everesting Challenge

Everesting is when cyclists climb and descend a given hill multiple times cumulatively to the elevation of Mount Everest - 8,848 metres.

The PURPOSE Everesting Challenge brings together the collective of the community to support and power one another to surmount this task. Reward yourself with the right to wear the jersey, made available only to the finishers. The set also comes with a framed PURPOSE Everesting Challenge patch. Wear and display them with pride.

Be one of the few to complete an Everesting. Be even more exclusive with the PURPOSE Everesting Challenge jersey and patch.

Think you can do this? Join us. Earn the right to wear the kit.

Upcoming Challenges

PURPOSE Everesting attempt 9 - 10 January 2021
Start 8pm on 8 January 2021
Meet up point : Mount Faber, Singapore.



PURPOSE Everesting attempt 9 - 10 January 2021
Start 8pm on 8 January 2021
Meet up point : Villa Orkid Condominium, Mont Kiara, Malaysia.


This section is for those who have completed the Virtual Everesting.

To purchase the Purpose Everesting Challenge Jersey, we will first need to verify your ride.

Simply send us your Everesting CC Link that you have completed the Virtual Everesting achievement.

Head to this link to find your name in the Everesting Fall of Fame :

Copy the page link and click the button below to complete the form. 


Verified applicants will receive an email to direct you to Purpose Everesting Challenge Jersey page

PURPOSE Everesting Challenge Jersey & Patch

A commemorative edition only available to those who joined in the PURPOSE Everesting Challenge, a summiting challenge. 

Order yours now right after signing up for the upcoming Challenge, and receive the kit on the day of your Everesting. Be sure to get your orders in by 23 November 2020!

Everesting Cycling Jersey


Click to verify your Everesting / Virtual Everesting 


LeaderAmir Zack16 hr 16 min
2ndMuhammad Ihsan Abu Bakar20 hr 40 min
3rdDzul Aminuddin20 hr 53 minMAS
4thNursya Jusoh21 hr 09 minMAS
5thThis is Jack21 hr 31 minMAS
6thKhairul Fauzi22 hr 21 minMAS
7thRyna Rynz24 hr 22 minMAS
8thAmer Hamzah Arshad24 hr 39 minMAS
9thAzizul Rahman27 hr 19 minMAS
10thNajmi Zahidi27 hr 44 minMAS


MUHAMMAD IHSAN ABU BAKAR . KHAIRUL FAUZI . NAJMI ZAHIDI . AZIZUL RAHMAN . ZIQ JUNAIDY . AWAN RUN . Murshid Haji Maktar . Amirul Yusof . Maza Yusman . Abdul Alim bin Nordin . allan . frank mamporte . Kerwin . Noemi Cuizon Bernil . Victor Bib Ilano . Clara Patricia . Ng Jia sheng . Hazim Mokhtar . Amir Zack . Nursya Jusoh . Amer Hamzah Arshad . Ryna Rynz . Khairul Fauzi . This is Jack . Dzul Aminuddin . CLARA PATRICIA . KERWIN QUINQUILLERIA . ADELL NG . BIB ILANO . ALLAN G. . FRANK MANGUBAT . NOEMI BERNIL . ZACHRIE RAHMAT . Zalianizam Ghazali 

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Take as long as you want, but it must be ridden in one attempt (i.e. no sleeping in between). Breaks for meals, toilet stop, prayer time or rest is permissible but it adds to the total time (elapsed time) of the challenge.

Please ensure that you have support on hand to assist in making an independent judgement call on your fatigue levels.

It’s important to note that you undertake an Everesting entirely at your own risk. PURPOSE, Everesting or Hells 500 cannot be held liable for your actions, impact on others, safety, or your mental state!

- No section of the ride can be walked. This is a cycling challenge.
- Rides can be of any length, on any hill, mountain, driveway or bridge. Essentially anything that has a vertical gain can be used to complete an Everesting.
- Rides must only focus on one hill or mountain per ride (e.g. you can’t base yourself in one location and ride multiple hills).
- Rides cannot be loops. The descent must be via the same road.
- Rides must be full ascents each time (Strava segments or the accepted ‘traditional’ climbing route will generally be the best guide for this.
-You cannot add up a combination of full and half laps.
- Once you hit 8,848m, we highly recommend bagging ‘just a few’ extra metres.. just in case!
- Each repeat must be ridden up and down (i.e. you can’t get driven down each time). You also need to keep your device recording the whole time.