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Purpose Technical Mask

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Finessed by hand in Singapore

Designed by our founder himself using materials sourced from different manufacturers, these technical masks are finally put together and finessed in Singapore, our global headquarters.

The mask that Sculpts to your face

Made of a one-piece construction, the PURPOSE Technical Mask is the first mask to shapes and contours itself to your face.

Quality Finishing

Raised 3D brand profile, reinforced stitching, adjustable soft around-the-ear bands, high air-flow through 1mm foam filter, and ultralight layers of nylon polyamide bring comfort with a high-quality finishing.

The Most Comfortable Mask YOu Will Ever wear

Tested in several 5km runs in the Singapore heat and humidity, this mask feels like not wearing anything at all. All day.

"Test scenario: Target was to maintain a comfortable pace at HRZ 2 and HRZ3. Managed 3k at Z2, 7:30 pace and 2k Z3 7:00 pace, with some spikes at sub-threshold Z4 for short distances or on elevations. Overall average HR 156 which is Z2 average, and at average pace of 7:15, which is normal given the fitness state I am in currently.

Impact: No impact to my run nor breathing. Weirdly, I found it easier to breathe with the mouth rather than through the nose. Without a mask, I would usually breathe via the nose because of the filtration. The mask helps to filter the air this time. Is it placebo? I am not sure. No fogging of glasses. I run 100% with glasses, but took them off for these photos. Overall comfortable all the way. I was able to focus on the run and targets set.

Result: I had set a target of 7 to 7:15 at Z2 overall, which was achieved. No restrictions in breathing. No constrictions. I also managed to breathe at the optimal 3/2 pattern - three steps breathing in, two steps breathing out. Average cadence was 174. Almost perfect."

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Buy Now, Limited Units Made 

Great quality takes time. The artisans working on these can only produce a limited amount of quantity by hand. These are made because we wanted to bring great fitting, comfortable product to the active masses. Be one of the first.

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Wearer Notes:

  • This mask is for preventable spreading or air droplets and is not a medical grade mask.
  • It has not been tested for, and makes no claim to kill bacteria or viruses.
  • We don't recommend wearing this mask, or any mask at all, for strenuous physical activities.
  • Like any over-the-face products that filter and reduce the intake of air, wear this mask with caution.
  • Stop wearing this mask, or any other face covering when experiencing shortness of breath or breathing difficulties.