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Nice aero fit and great design. It's lightweight so it's suited for hot and humid climates more than most of the other jerseys I have.

Andrew Patterson, USA

I wore the kit last weekend climbing the Paluma Range, just outside Townsville in North Queensland, Australia. Our climate is tropical and it was over 30 degrees and 80% humidity. The kit was light and comfortable and perfect for the conditions. I definitely will be buying another kit sometime soon. Excellent.

Jason Slingsby, Australia

Value for money, comfortable even for people with sensitive skin. highly recommended.

Gis Tay, Singapore

Tested it on ocean swims, long rides and ran under the blazing sun. It felt as though I wasn't wearing any tri-suit. It felt good especially on the swims as I felt a bit buoyant. The compression on the upper and lower body felt great, compacting those muscles... After a few trials, I am sold on Purpose.

Raymond Howe, Singapore

Loved the fit and the texture of material, felt very cool in Asia races. Looks elite for sure.

Arjun, Singapore/India

Team, Ambition, Victory, Flow

The four stages of Purpose. Our guiding value, our product principles.

Purpose Team are designed for team or group wear.
Purpose Ambition for more purposeful training.
Purpose Victory, race-cut for performance on race-days.
Purpose Flow, when sporting achievements and personal statements converge.

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5,000km in 6 days. Purpose, Team Australia II and Race Across America

The Most Comfortable Tri Suits and Jerseys You Will Ever Wear.

About Purpose

Born in South East Asia, Purpose is made for training and racing conditions of South East Asia. We are the only triathlon and cycling wear to come from this region.

All of our triathlon suits and jerseys are designed in Singapore. We produce and test our ideas and prototypes in major triathlons and cycling races in the region. This ensures that every product meets the specifications of the triathlete and cyclist for the demands put on by our hot weather and conditions.

Purpose is constructed using top quality fabrics and components from Italy, Korea, Taiwan and China.

Research and Purpose

Purpose jerseys, bib shorts and triathlon suits are made for the heat and high humidity temperatures of Asia. Being based in South East Asia, we put emphasis on their ability; and ultimately yours, to perform well in our tropical condition first and foremost.

Why Purpose

When you find purpose, you find joy. We remain steadfast to one mission as when we first started – to make the most comfortable jerseys and triathlon suits your will ever wear.

It is our belief that if we can continue achieving this, we can help you shine in the sports you love.

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Purpose Performance Wear

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