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PURPOSE Ambassador: Fitri Tasfiah

Posted by Cheryl

To recover from her shin splint injuries two years ago, Fitri Tasfiah was out of running for a while. It was during this time that she picked up swimming as...

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PURPOSE Ambassador: Dedy Bunyamin

Posted by Cheryl

For someone who thought doing an Ironman race would be impossible for him, Dedy Bunyamin has completed five full distance Ironman races (including the recent Ironman Malaysia) and nine Ironman...

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PURPOSE Ambassador: Hilda Novianti

Posted by Cheryl

Four years ago, Hilda Novianti picked up running after the birth of her second child. A friend of hers, Riyo Hanggoro, then invited her to try a mini-triathlon event held...

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PURPOSE Ambassador: Lucky Bagus Waskito

Posted by Cheryl

One morning in 2017, Lucky Bagus Waskito could not get out of bed because of severe pain in his lower back. After consulting five doctors, one of them finally found...

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