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Material is fantastic. Almost lightweight.

Length wise pretty short.

Would be better if Purpose could cater to Muslimah length ie: cover the bum.

Overall 7.5/10 👍🏼

Excellent Suit for Hot and Humid conditions

The breathable front mesh fabric allows the suit to drain water and sweat out fast. This keeps the suit dry with no sogginess even in hot and humid conditions. Also comes with ample rear pocket space that can hold a phone, making it practical when training as most suits have small pockets. Excellent fit with just the correct amount of compression.

Wow! The best trisuit I ever have..

Stunning design & comfy although with additional inner. Cooling material which makes me feeling fresh all day long.

Best TriSuit for hot and wet weather, from 2022 IM Langkawi experience!

After many trials of different brands of Tri Suits I can say that PURPOSE makes so far the BEST to suit my racing needs.Decided to get the “ Official Team PRPS Sleeveless Tri Suit HYPERMESH PRO” for my IMMY full distance triathlon and I loved it. Comfortable in the waters with sleeveless and no chafing whatsoever, biked with pouring rain but the mesh material helped to dry up quicker and at the end the humid run was still comfortable. It’s a big PB for me so thank you PURPOSE for being part of this journey!

Winning Suit

My first suit for my first Triathlon! The one brand everyone raved about. It fits a heavy gal comfortably. Absolutely no scuffing. A great suit that's well worth every penny. Support Local Brands! Trifactor Triathlon Singapore, Top Ten, Freshmen Category Winner.. Alhamdulillah

Purpose Suit Performance

Considering me as a tortoise athlete and not to mention for amateur / pro athlete, this suit is very comfortable to wear, no issue in terms of the shape of the stitching and the cut of the triathlon suit.
My priority the most important thing is comfort wearing Purpose Triathlon Suit in the hot weather conditions.
Technology and type of fabric that has been used can give advantage in ensuring comfort at an optimal level.
Thanks to Purpose Team. Great suit!!!!!!

Hypermesh shirt ..phwoarrrr!

Muggy humid sticky evening weather in Kuala Lumpur yet this shirt soaks up all the perspiration..never feels heavy on the run. Best running shirts ever!

This is the second suit i buy and I am absolutely obsessed with the quality. Fitting is amazing - I am 66kg and 161cm.
Very cool and comfortable. Padding is great for the cycling leg and very dynamic in the water and run.
Can’t recommend it enough!

I love those Bib Short, originally bought my first pair from Purpose a few years ago and they are the one that fits me the best and are also so comfortable on very long rides. Two Thumbs Up!!! If I had more Thumbs Id put more lol!!

I love it…it is so light and comfortable to wear 👍

Official Ambassador Team Tri Suit with HYPERMESH Pro White v1
Mohamad Shadidi Zikri Hasan Hilmi

Good product quality with hypermash technology. Perfect tri suit and very fitting to me. Fast delivery and excellent service

Thank you

Official Ambassador Racing Team ELITE Racing Cycling Jersey White
Jonatas Bordin Rodrigues

Excelent quality, comfortable and it looks amazing.

Perfect, ordered a customised suit... fits perfectly and design is awesome.. thank you..!

Love it so much ❤️, it is very comfortable. I am 155cm and 50kg, size S fit on me.

Raced for the first time in the new suit on the weekend and fit perfectly and was comfortable on all three stages. Love the design of the ambassador racing team suit and it looks great out on course.
Well done Noor and the Pupose Team on a great product..

For a big size person, the suit fits me well. The material made the suit so comfortable to be worn during races/events/training especially in SEA region where the humidity is high. The major concern for the big size category is mainly the blister between the inner thigh and none occur to me while wearing the suit

The packaging is fantastic. Extra kudos for that!
Tried it on with 2 track workouts and it’s breezy!

Comfort level a 10!
And if you have the legs to show it off, these are great!

very comfortable trisuit n love the design and material…the size suits me well…

Really good quality as always. Getting used to the sizing this fits great very comfortable. All the kit I buy is used a lot, all of the purpose clothes I use wash up really good. Great customer service and fast shipping

Lightweight and very comfy!

Been using their trisuit all I can say is that their suit is very comfortable and the fit is amazing. The fabric is well suited for hot and humid areas. Loving this suit and can’t wait to wear this on my races

I don’t wear a tee when I train for my runs. It is always a bare torso or a dry fit singlet during run races.

I was attracted to the color and especially the PRSP letters in pink.

The material is soft and comfy. Cooling to an effect. Great stitching. At $45.90 sounds expensive. If I would compare to other branded sports tee, the $45.90 is worth paying cos it’s a Singapore brand and better fit and look. Would I wear this for my run? Maybe. But for now it’s best for me to wear pre and post race. Truly a Singapore story.

I love sleeveless tri suit as it gives me better rotational movement for my reach during the swim discipline. And during the bike leg, I don’t feel
the tightness around my triceps and shoulders when I am on the aero bars. As for the run, tho I can’t run for now due to an injury, the suit have proven itself in the two disciplines and I am confident it will be even better for the run.

My technique of swim is pull and glide. With the hyper mesh material, besides the heat management it provides, my glide resistance have reduce quite a bit and I felt much buoyant.

The wraparound effect of the suit on my thighs gives a compression feel thus keeping my muscles in place and reduces cramp fatigue when climbing hills or giving a burst to overtake riders.

I have yet to test it to the max. The real test would be at my 24th Ironman 70.3 in Desaru. How would it fair? Watch for the updates.

Super comfort great quality and unique design. I didn't feel any uncomfortable or stuffy even over a long distance of 100 km riding and open water swimming. Highly recommended as race kit of triathlete.

Fit is good but the length of the jersey is a little shirt for me .