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Superb design

Superb design,nice material

Most comfortable garment for running!

Running in Singapore can be really challenging, especially with the unpredictable humidity. Got the HYPERMESH ELITE RUNNING T-SHIRT (QUARTZ GREEN) and MEN PRO RUNNING TIGHTS (CARBON). Really comfortable running in it. Wicked my sweat quick and dried up fast too!
Run in comfort, run with confidence!


MY only go to brand and race suite for any I.M races .
The fabric is just awesome and fitting is perfect.
The new collection is great.
Highly recommend 👍🏼.


Nice material & design, superb


This is my 2nd purchase. I really love the material! The most important is.. odorless! Make me feel so comfortable after a few hours of sports🥰

Best tight for big thighs!

Best running tights ever!

Always have an issue of abrasion after long runs. Came just in time for my next Half Marathon and decided to use it. No issue of abrasion at all! Even held my phone firmly throughout my runs.

This running shirt is rated 4.6/5 stars on the brand’s website and some popular themes in the positive reviews include that it is “soft and comfortable” and “fits true to size.” One review says, “Very light and soft. The material is very comfortable.” Critical reviews mention trouble with the sizing and that the lighter colors show sweat spots. I very recommend…

Hi Reen,

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that our Official Team PRPS HYPERMESH PRO Running T-Shirt has impressed you with its comfort and accurate fit. Your feedback on the lightweight and soft material is much appreciated. We're also taking note of your comments about sizing and color concerns, as these insights guide our improvements.

Your recommendation means a lot to us. We're dedicated to enhancing our products based on customer input. Feel free to share more thoughts if you have any. We're here to ensure you have a great experience with our products.


~Grel from Purpose

Faster and Stronger, Sleeker

My first time wearing a suit for a multisport event. easier transition. Perfect for hot and humid weather in Malaysia and Singapore, which I am sold to buy Purpose products. I used it to race in PTO Asian Open, Duathlon and very satisfied, other than looking sleeker. its not as hot as usual weather, but the suit faced the humidity very well and i would not use other suits. the green bottom felt like im going to a hot yoga class :)

Hi Hisham,

Delighted to hear our multi-sport suit worked so well for you! Transition ease, sleekness, and comfort in hot climates are what we aim for. Thrilled it performed in your races and humid conditions. Your support means a lot. Keep enjoying Purpose products for your further athletic ventures!


~Grel from Purpose

The best trisuit in my wardrobe

It fits so well. I have used it twice until now and I can say very comfortable.

Hi Makarand,

We're thrilled to hear that our trisuit has earned a spot as the best in your wardrobe! Achieving a perfect fit is always our goal, and we're delighted it met your expectations. Knowing that you find it incredibly comfortable after multiple use is fantastic feedback. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy your experiences with our trisuit. If you ever have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out.


~Grel from Purpose


The singlet material is perfect for the hot and humid conditions here in Singapore.

Hi Clement,

We're thrilled to hear that the singlet material is delivering the ideal comfort you need for Singapore's hot and humid climate. Providing you with apparel that helps you stay cool and comfortable is exactly what we strive for. Thank you for your feedback, and we hope our products continue to enhance your experience in the challenging weather.


~Grel from Purpose


Same quality as the other shorts. May have bought the wrong size intially so best to check properly ( think of it as Asian sizing). Large pocket to hold a phone. Would be great if there are additional side pockets, and a non elastic drawstring. Pretty much bang for buck and looks great.

HI SB,. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on our shorts! We're pleased to hear that you've found the quality consistent with our other products. Regarding the non-elastic drawstring, we'll certainly take this into account as we explore ways to refine our designs to cater to different preferences.

If you ever have more insights or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Here's to more comfortable and stylish adventures ahead!


~Grel from Purpose

Dan Plews Series Running Shorts (7-inch)

Love the look of the shorts but more importantly it works great. Outer shell doesn't cling to skin much. Usually prefer linerless shorts as most liners don't fit well but this liner is comfortable without being too tight or lose. Pocket is large enough to fit most phones, and even with one inside, the waistband does hold the shorts well enough. Would be great if there were more pockets though

Hi SB,

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us! We're thrilled to hear that you not only love the aesthetics of our shorts but also find them highly functional.

We understand the importance of comfort, and we're glad to hear that the liner of the shorts provides just the right balance – offering a snug fit without being overly tight.

Your suggestion regarding additional pockets is duly noted. We're always looking for ways to improve our products based on valuable input from customers like you.


~Grel from Purpose

Hypermesh Elite (ARCTIC WHITE)

Excellent for warm & humid weather...

Hi Saifudin.

We're absolutely thrilled to learn that our Trisuit has proven to be a fitting choice for warm and humid conditions. Being situated in Singapore, we are well-acquainted with the trials athletes face during their triathlon pursuits in such weather. It brings us great joy to discover that our trisuit is making a positive impact on your athletic journey. Our sincere best wishes are with you for continued success!


~Grel from Purpose

Excellent quality.

Hello Esteemed Customer.

We are pleased to learn of your satisfaction with the V3 Jersey's quality. Please rest assured that our primary objective is to furnish you with top-notch, comfortable gear to support you throughout your athletic endeavors.


~Grel from Purpose

[CUSTOM BY PURPOSE] Etizan Fitness Running Singlet Hypermesh ELITE
Ljubomir Jelic (AE)
Amazing quality

I am using Purpose running kits quite some time. Did few marathons and dozen half marathons. It fits good, it feels good, very breathable.
This is the reason i did custom tshirts for my running club. 👏🏻

Hello Ljubomir,

We are delighted to receive such kind words from a valued customer like you. It brings us immense joy to offer you comfortable and breathable gear that aids you on your marathon journey. Our best wishes extend to your success in your upcoming races and within your running club as well.


~Grel from Purpose

Team SGP Theme Striking, Slimline and Sleek. Triple S Thumbsup Quality Fabric!

The couple weeks customization is worth the wait. Quality of fabric is tougher than some common brands plus it is light. Cutting fits every corners of body, not restricting any movements even in bike, run session that day at SA. Fabric although doesn't have pockets behind, it has the standard pull string at the zip behind. I just have to strap my compression waist pouch for keys and phone that's all.

Fabric wicks away sweat fast even after our 2nd phase run into the heat. The prints are striking with colours vividly representing our SGP Team. Name has been planted slightly big for shyness but otherwise fortunately it is white. Almost 60 to 70% riders of other groups in SA are adorning Purpose Team attires that morning from what I saw.

Hi Dave,

We’re thrilled to hear that you and the others are adoring our products. Knowing that our products bring you joy motivates us to continue our purpose of delivering high-quality, fashionable athlete gears without compromising on comfort to all our valued customers.

Thank you for your positive feedback!

~Aina from Purpose


Love the length and fitting of the shoes! Would get more in the future.

Hello Shawn,

We're delighted to hear that you find our racing shorts comfortable and that you're contemplating purchasing more of our products in the future. Knowing that our products bring you joy motivates us to continue our purpose of delivering high-quality, fashionable athlete gears without compromising on comfort to all our valued customers. Thank you for your support and positive feedback!

~Grel from Purpose

Didn't like the design

Too many flowers. Ugly.

HI Izul.

Thank you for sharing your opinion about the design. We understand that design preferences can vary greatly among individuals. Our aim is to provide a diverse range of designs to cater to different tastes and preferences. While we acknowledge that the floral design may not resonate with everyone, it has been well-received by many of our customers. We appreciate your feedback and will take it into consideration for future design considerations. If you have any specific design requests or suggestions, we would be happy to hear them.


~Grel from Purpose

Too expensive

Very expensive for a mediocre unknown team. Doubt one might buy it.

Hi Berak,

We appreciate your feedback regarding the pricing of our product. We understand that different customers have varying perspectives on value and affordability. We strive to offer quality products and services that meet the needs of our customers. While we may not be the most well-known team, we believe in the value and quality of our offerings. We continuously review our pricing to ensure it aligns with market standards and delivers a fair value to our customers. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


~Grel from Purpose

The hypermesh running top was ideal in this humid climate in Singapore. Perfect attire whether on training days or race days

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your review! We understand the challenges of training and racing in such conditions, and we're thrilled that our top has provided you with the perfect attire. Its design and material are specifically crafted to offer excellent breathability and moisture-wicking properties, keeping you cool and comfortable during your runs.

Thank you for your feedback and for choosing our Hypermesh running top. Happy running!

~Grel from Purpose

The running singlet

Got these singlets in the colours and I love them. They're think and absorbent. No matter how soaked they get, they don't drip or sag or get heavy. I recommend these to anyone interested. There a bargain and in one word EPIC

Hi Rohit,

Thank you for your amazing review! We're thrilled to hear that you love our running singlets and that they have exceeded your expectations.

It's great to know that the singlets in the colors you chose have been a hit. We strive to offer a variety of options to suit different preferences and styles.

We're glad that the singlets are thin and absorbent, allowing you to stay comfortable during your runs. The fact that they don't drip, sag, or become heavy when soaked is a testament to their high-quality construction and moisture-wicking properties.

Thank you for recommending our singlets to others. Your support means a lot to us, and we're delighted that you find them a bargain. We aim to provide excellent value for our customers without compromising on quality.

We appreciate your kind words and are thrilled that you find our singlets EPIC! We'll continue to work hard to deliver exceptional products that enhance your running experience. Thank you for your support, and happy running!

~Grel from Purpose

Best material ever for hot and humin weather

Wanted to try Purpose for the longest time. I'm not fully confident to wear a tri suit, but I purchase the running tee for Powerman. Perfect for South East Asia weather.
First setback is the tee cutting. a bit weird compared to other brands like Brooks and Ultron. My most significant setback is the sleeve is too tight. considering I have hit the gym for a while. would be appreciated if the sleeve is bigger considering this is XXL size.

Hi Hisham,

Thank you for sharing your experience with our Purpose products. We appreciate your support and feedback.

We're glad to hear that you decided to try our running tee for Powerman and found it suitable for the South East Asia weather. Providing comfortable and performance-enhancing products for different climates is one of our main goals.

We apologize if the tee cutting felt a bit different compared to other brands. Our cutting is designed to provide optimal comfort and performance, but we understand that personal preferences can vary. We appreciate your feedback, and we'll take it into consideration as we continue to refine our designs.

Regarding the sleeve tightness, we apologize for any inconvenience caused. We strive to offer sizes that accommodate a wide range of body types and understand that sleeve fit is crucial for comfort. We appreciate your feedback and will take it into account as we evaluate and adjust our sizing options.

Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. Your feedback is valuable to us as we continuously work towards improving our products. We hope you continue to enjoy our Purpose collection and that we can better meet your expectations in the future. If there's anything else we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to let us know.

~Grel from Purpose

Quality of shirt is really good for Singapore’s hor weather. Love it.

HI Ain,

Thank you for your review! We're thrilled to hear that you're loving the quality of our shirt and that it has been a great fit for Singapore's hot weather.

At our company, we strive to provide products that are well-suited for different climates and conditions, and we're delighted that our shirt has met your expectations in terms of quality and performance in the hot weather of Singapore.

Thank you for your support and for sharing your positive experience. We look forward to providing you with more quality products in the future. If you have any further feedback or suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

~Grel from Purpose


Very comfortable! Easily my favourite running tops. Perfect for Singapore's hot and humid weather. Looking forward to more colours! 😍

Hi Nuurul,

Thank you for your wonderful review! We're delighted to hear that our running tops have become your favorite.

Comfort is of utmost importance to us, and we're thrilled that our tops have provided you with the level of comfort you desire.

We appreciate your enthusiasm for more colors! We understand the importance of having options that suit your style, and we'll definitely take your feedback into consideration as we expand our color range.

Thank you for your support and for sharing your positive experience with our running tops. We look forward to continuing to provide you with comfortable and stylish options for your running needs. Happy running!

~Grel from Purpose

Super breathable and comfortable. Perfect!

When i first put the jersey on it has a slightly longer sleeve than other brands i have worn as it comes down to just above the elbow but i have worn it on a few long rides now and cannot complain about it at all and actually prefer this style of fit especially with the fabric they use and has probably saved my arms from getting super burnt on some of my longer rides. The material is just super breathable better than any other jersey I have ever used making it the perfect jersey for hot humid rides. I would just make sure to double check your size with their size chart which i did and the size is perfect so would definitely recommend buying this jersey.

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for sharing your review! We appreciate your feedback and are glad to hear that you're satisfied with our jersey.

We designed the jersey with slightly longer sleeves for added protection, and we're pleased to know that this feature has worked well for you. It's great to hear that the fit and fabric of the jersey have helped protect your arms from getting sunburnt during your longer rides.

Thank you for recommending our jersey. Your support means a lot to us, and we're thrilled that you're enjoying the benefits of our design and fabric choices. We hope our jersey continues to serve you well in all your cycling adventures. Happy riding!

~Grel from Purpose