Free Shipping Worldwide

We don't jack up our prices only to offer you free shipping later.

In many instances, our prices are at least 25% lower than many others whilst providing the same or better quality. Hence we find it tricky to offer the same amount of free shipping for everyone worldwide.

Instead, our free shipping is based on tiers depending on where you're located. This is a fairer option for everyone. We keep our product prices low while co-sharing the cost of shipping with you.

Below are the free shipping you get when on these minimum amount:

  • Singapore – SGD 250
  • Malaysia - SGD 300
  • Rest of Southeast Asia & Asia (excl. India) – SGD 350
  • Australia, New Zealand – SGD 400
  • Europe, USA, Middle East - SGD 500
  • Anywhere else in the world – SGD 800